Monday, June 22, 2009

Learning Sharpening

This week, on Sideoats & Scribbles, we are learning about sharpen and unsharp mask. Last week's tutorial was Levels and I am using it all the time, and love the effect. My pictures are a lot crisper now and bright and I look at other people's pictures and think, "They need to use Levels on their pics to make them brighter."

I couldn't locate the complete card on my hard-drive but here is a close-up of a birthday card I made not too long ago.

Before Sharpening

After Sharpening

It's a little difficult to tell with these pictures unless you click on them so you can see the difference, close up. But, in my opinion, doing the unsharp mask gives it a little more detail and texture.


Anonymous said...

It is hard to tell in the smaller pictures, but after making them bigger you can really see the difference. Cute card

Anonymous said...

Cute card - the sharpening really does make a difference!