Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New Greeting Cards

Magnet Greeting Card

Magnet Greeting Card

Last night, I was able to actually sit down and make some greeting cards. I've been asked by my mom and step-mom for homemade cards for Christmas this year. Last year, I made some for my mom and she loved them so much that she wants more this year.

All of the cards are blank inside for you to pen your favorite sentiment or message.

Tell me what you think...which one is your favorite?
I will probably post these on my etsy site too.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm Taking the Plunge!!!

Well, I've been thinking and pondering and fretting (probably not a good thing - the latter, that is) about growing my little business (my husband calls it my hobby). First I started this blog but didn't really let people know about it (my first mistake). Then I opened an Etsy shop and made my first sale a couple of weeks ago (so excited!!!) But I feel like I should be doing more. I need to be contributing to our household more and I feel like I am talented enough to use my creative juice to help out, more than just with my normal 9-5 job.

So I've decided to take the plunge and do my first giveaway here! Since I really like photography, the LUCKY winner will receive a black & white 12x36 panoramic flower 3some poster print, that I've created in Photoshop. It is printed on special poster paper (a $35 value).

I wanted to use Mr. Linky but couldn't get my computer to cooperate so I'll just do it the old-fashioned way. Please browse my etsy shop ( and come back here and make a comment about your favorite item. I'll then use the random number generator to pick the lucky winner!

Just leave a comment on this post to enter.
Contest now closed - we have a winner!

Win (3) extra entries for announcing this giveaway on your blog!

1. Leave only one comment.
2. If you don't have a link to your blog in your profile, please include your email
or a way I can contact you if you win.
3. You may enter until 11:59pm on Tuesday, November 25th.
4. The winner will be annouced on Wednesday, November 26th.

The winner is Piece of Me that said, "The Pink/Black Flowers note cards are really pretty. Thanks." I've emailed her and am just waiting for a response!

Thanks for commenting. It was really special to me to read everyone's comments. And I'll probably do another giveaway soon, so stay tuned.... And if you need some photographs, magnets or other items for Christmas, please visit my etsy shop (put it in your favorites too).

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Start Early and Win Christmas Cards!

Skip to My Lou, another great blog (there are so many great ones out there) is having a giveaway for a custom digital card file to be used for your Christmas cards this year. Lil Sprout Greetings has so many cute and elegant designs, including the ones pictured here. (I know you would love to have one task crossed off your list for the holiday season - me too!) Plus you also get a chance to win 2 sheets of Picture It Postage.

All you have to do is make a post in your blog and add it to Mr. Linky on the Skip To My Lou blog and wait (and pray, and bite your nails, and fret...) Okay, don't do all of those things but you may have a pretty good chance. 5 winners will be chosen! So good luck and Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I am wanting to venture out

I know I don't have many followers (okay, only one) but I keep looking at all of these other blogs (actually drooling sometimes) and want to do more here, but need your help.

I am thinking about doing a giveaway...they seem to be all the rage these days! Of course, who doesn't like to win fun stuff???!!!

So please give me advice about how you've grown your blog, how you've gotten traffic, anything.... It would all be greatly appreciated. And stay tuned, I'll probably be doing my first giveaway real soon.

Thanking you in advance.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pre-Giveaway at Sherbet Blossom

Check out this pre-giveaway on Sherbet Blossom's blog, which btw is awesome! The LUCKY winner of this giveaway will win a Scentsy Bar AND a Scentsy Room Spray!
Go to for details and to enter!

Hannah is so talented - she does graphic design and has many good ideas. '
Check out her blog at

12 Days of Junkie - Check It Out!!!!

I stumbled upon Tip Junkie from another blog (I always find great blogs from reading other blogs) a couple of months ago. Laurie is a talented woman and is always featuring other talented women on her blog with great tips and tutorials and other fun stuff. It amazes me every second about how many talented and gifted people there are in this world. It just reminds you that God is SO GOOD!

Well, she is doing the 12 Days of Junkie and it's so easy to enter. Just post about her giveaway and add the link to her site. It's simply, that simple!!! And while you are on her site, check out the many, many, many other mom-prenuers that are trying to earn a living doing what they love. Just click on this link and you've got it!

And if you're like me, you'll probably add her to your favorites page and check back everyday! You don't want to miss a thing!!!

New Photographs added to Etsy Site

I added several 8x10 photographs to my Etsy site last week. They are $15 each + shipping.

I also listed several professionally framed 10x10 floral photographs too. Check everything out at

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Check out Baby Blvd.

I just stumbled across a SAHM that makes adorable hairbows and headbands. Check out her blog - she's doing a giveaway! Who doesn't like to win! I know I do!!!! Plus, you'll be supporting a Mom-preneur!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Creative Journals - $5.00 each

These are just a sampling of the Creative Journals that are available. If you see something you like, please email me and I'll either send it to you or I can make one for you. Please note that some of the paper supplies are limited, so I will try to match a design as close as possible.

Creative Journals - $5.00 each

Here are some Creative Journals that I made using scraps of scrapbook paper and a needle & thread. They come with a button to keep the book secure. Nice to keep stowed in your purse or car for quick little notes or lists.

Bottlecap Magnets - $1.00 each

These are just a sampling of the bottlecap magnets that are available. If you see something you like, please email me and I'll either send it to you or I can make one for you.

Bottlecap Magnets - $1.00 each

Here are some magnets that I crafted out of bottlecaps, scrapbooking paper, stamps, and a button magnet. They look cute on the fridge or other magnetic surface. Would make a nice little gift for someone too!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Photography Session Fees

Session Fee is $200.00 and includes the sitting fee - shot at your location of choice (within 35 miles of Griffin, GA), all the photos on a CD, and a hardback photo book of 20 of the best shots.

To take the stress off of your day, I can photograph her child's birthday party so you can actually enjoy the big day.

Email me with any questions and I'll try my best to answer them.

Thanks and God bless!

Photography Sessions

Photography Sessions

I photographed these pictures of my daughter but I do offer photography sessions for your child(ren) and/or family.

Large Custom Magnets

"Large Custom" magnet - $20.00
(quantity of 10)
"Large Custom" magnet - $20.00
(quantity of 10)

Small Magnets - $1.00 each

"Sunflower" magnet

Notepads - $10.00 each

"Sunflower" notepad
4x5.5 - 50 sheets

Stitched Cards

"Sunflower" stitched greeting card - $4.00 each

Stampin' Up greeting cards

"A baby is a gift" greeting card - $4.00 each

"Dragonfly" greeting card - $4.00 each

"Birthday Celebration" greeting card - $4.00 each

"Dragonfly For You" greeting card - $4.00 each

"Just a little note" greeting card - $4.00 each

Stampin' Up greeting cards

"So Very Blessed" greeting card - $4.00 each

"So Very Grateful" greeting card - $4.00 each

"Just a little note" greeting card - $4.00 each

"Sympathy" greeting card - $4.00 each

Misc. Greeting Cards

"Giraffe" greeting cards - $4.00 each

"Enjoy" greeting cards - $4.00 each
"Happy Heart" greeting cards - $4.00 each