Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I am wanting to venture out

I know I don't have many followers (okay, only one) but I keep looking at all of these other blogs (actually drooling sometimes) and want to do more here, but need your help.

I am thinking about doing a giveaway...they seem to be all the rage these days! Of course, who doesn't like to win fun stuff???!!!

So please give me advice about how you've grown your blog, how you've gotten traffic, anything.... It would all be greatly appreciated. And stay tuned, I'll probably be doing my first giveaway real soon.

Thanking you in advance.

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Bobbi-Jo said...

Hmmm... that's a great question to ask people. I think, for me, one way I've gotten 'out there' is by offering tutorials. I've found that when ONE person learns something from your blog - whatever that may be - they pass it along.

Another thought is asking friends, family, whomever, to post a link to your blog on THEIR blog. Maybe when you have a giveaway, make it an incentive for people who enter to leave a link to the contest on their blogs for an extra entry. Giveaways are always a great way to lure people, too, btw.

Just my 2 cents. Good luck!